Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Misfits, Season 2 (2010)

In my review of the first season of this show, I said "Misfits is loud and lewd, full of bad language, bad people, and situations that you know you shouldn't laugh at but that it will make you do so anyway."

Not much has changed in season two.  The five young offenders are still working through their community service, now under the supervision of their third social worker.  The first two met with ... um ... unfortunate accidents.

The youths' lives continue to be complicated by the powers they gained in the strange storm some weeks earlier; the powers other people gained in said storm; and their own general aptitude for screwing up.  Oh, and also a mysterious masked figure who seems to know more about their messed up lives than they do.

This follows resolutely in the anarchic, crass and juvenile footsteps of the first series.  It's a pretty clever kind of juvenile crassness, though.  If you saw Deadpool in the cinemas earlier this year, you might have some idea of what I mean.  The show is also sensible enough to let its characters show some growth.  They certainly don't turn into responsible, upstanding citizens or anything, but they do evolve and change in noticeable - and different - ways.  It's quite cool.

Misfits continued for three more years after this, but I can't tell you much about those series.  Past this point I've only ever watched the first episode of season three.  It didn't do much for me, and the end of season two makes a pretty good ending, so I left it here (if only I'd been this smart with certain other shows, like Dexter).

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