Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Drive-In Massacre (1977)

This is an exciting review to write.  Not because of the quality of the film - though before its gimmicky, only-works-if-you're-actually-in-a-drive-in ending, it's amusingly tacky - but because this is double milestone.  You see, not only is this the last film I had to watch in one of these Mill Creek 50-film box sets, but it is also the last movie DVD that I purchased before 2015 and still hadn't watched yet.  Which means I am (more or less) only 12 months behind on my movie DVDs.  The blog is actually achieving its purpose, since when I started it, I had movie DVDs I'd owned for over 6 years without having watched them.

(You'll notice I keep saying "movie DVDs" - that's quite deliberate as my TV-on-DVD watching record is still pretty dire.  That's why there have been more TV show reviews lately).

So Drive-In Massacre is about a serial killer who murders people at ... well, drive-ins.  I guess there might be people reading this who don't know what those are, but if so, you are on the internet, so it should be easy enough to find out.

Anyway, said murderer uses swords to make his kills.  You'd think that some guy walking up to a car and killing both the occupants with a three foot lump of sharp metal - while surrounded by hundreds of people - would be pretty easy to find, but apparently not.  The police stumble after a few suspects.  In the process, they do manage to take down a murderer.  Just not the one they were looking for.

Although the cheapness of the film is always apparent, it manages to chug along fairly well for the first half or so, but the pace really falls off later, most notably in a long sequence where one of the suspects wanders around a fun fair while snippets of dialogue from earlier in the film play over the images.  It's really rather dull, and it goes on forever.  Thankfully, the movie ends not too much later.

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