Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Incredibles (2003)

We live in a great time for superhero movies.  Marvel Studios are yet to put a foot wrong with their adaptations, and signs are good for the next couple of releases as well.  Sony's Spider-Man films have had their ups and downs, as have Fox's X-Men titles, but on the whole: spandex rules the big screen.

So it says something about how good The Incredibles is that this decade-old animated feature remains one of the three best superhero films to be made (the first Iron Man and Avengers films are also on the list).

So honestly, you can stop reading the review right now: unless you're so prejudiced against animated films that you refuse to see it purely because it's a cartoon (which is frankly your own loss), you should grab this and watch it at your first opportunity.

In case you need some additional information, though, I'll give you a quick rundown: the film's premise is that after a promising start, superheroes were sued into oblivion by persons injured in their activities.  The government gave them new identities, and they settled into normal, ordinary lives.

Two such heroes are Mr Incredible and Elastigirl, who married and had kids together.  Mr Incredible is struggling to adjust to the life of being an ordinary person, though.  His need to use his abilities to help others is just too strong for him to overcome.  So when a secret government organisation contacts him to help them with a little matter, he leaps at the chance to get his hero groove back on.

But of course, the so-called government organisation might not be what it purports to be, and soon Mr Incredible, Elastigirl, and their kids will be in a fight for their lives.

This is a fun, action-packed film with great characters, expertly judged humour (both in the dialogue and the visuals) and a nice sprinkling of touching moments without ever being schmalzy.  It's a great script, really fine work.

See it.

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