Thursday, 12 June 2014

Son of Godzilla (1967)

Has there ever been a good film with 'Son of' in the title?  I couldn't say for sure, but I do know that if there has been this one wasn't it.

A group of Japanese scientists are on a tropical island somewhere, conducting experiments of an ill-defined nature.  They've got something to do with changing the temperature though.  Why?  That is also ill-defined, but I'm guessing SCIENCE~!

A nosy reporter parachutes onto the island to pester the scientists with questions.  So they make him their cook.  This leads to supposedly 'humorous' scenes that really aren't.  It also leads the reporter to stumble across a young woman who apparently makes the island her home.  She'll be handy later for delivering exposition.

Anyway, the ill-defined experiment goes wrong, unleashing tempestuous weather.  Oh, and turning the island's 6-foot long Praying Mantises into 60-foot long Praying Mantises.  Said insects them unearth and crack open a huge egg, revealing a Baby Godzilla.

Good lord, I hate Baby Godzilla.

The Mantises attempt to kill the little monster, but unfortunately prove very inept at it.  This gives Big G time to rock up.  There's a brief fight, and Godzilla shows no difficulty in killing two of the three beasties and driving off the last.

Then we get subjected to lots of scenes of Baby Godzilla being "cute" while Big G tries to teach him how to roar and belch atomic fire.  Meanwhile, the humans run around trying to organise a means of getting off the island and accidentally wake a giant spider so Godzilla will have something to do in the last ten minutes of the film.

The giant spider itself actually looks pretty cool, but its battle with Godzilla is a dull re-run of the end of Mothra vs Godzilla, except for who wins.

Not worth your time.

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