Thursday, 6 March 2014

Seeing Double (2003)

One of my dark secrets is that I own S Club's first album on CD. What can I say? I (still) like the infectious bubblegum pop that is 'Bring It All Back'.

That particular song was the launch of the band's career, while this movie was their last project before they announced they were breaking up. It's a breezy, silly affair in which a mad scientist decides to take over the world by cloning celebrities and replacing the originals.  He then intends to use his replacements to influence popular opinions and trends, because 'unlike politicians, people actually listen to celebrities'. Really, the least plausible part of this is that he chose to start with S Club, of all people.

Anyway, when their overbearing manager disappears, the band initially takes this as an opportunity to lollygag about and enjoy themselves. It's only when they see TV footage of themselves in a live performance that they realise they've been replaced. "By look-a-likes. Or robots. Or popbots.". They swing somewhat ineffectually into action and get themselves arrested. Fortunately, they're able to stage a dance-based prison breakout. It's that sort of movie.

There are shenanigans, musical numbers (sometimes without even a passing nod to the plot), shenanigans, G-rated shower scenes, shenanigans, mildly smutty humour, shenanigans, and a stack of jokes ranging from groan-inducing to genuine belly laughs.

Oh, and there are also shenanigans.

So yeah: silly, silly movie. But it makes no pretence to be anything else and doesn't outstay its welcome. I enjoyed it. If you're looking for the lightest of light entertainment, you could do worse. And I have.

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