Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Mutant Girls Squad (2010)

There are three directors credited on this film, and honestly, it does feel a little like it was made by committee. For one thing, it's just a little bit too generic in its over the top gorefest action. I mean, don't get me wrong, if this was the first of this ilk of film that you'd seen, you'd probably think it was pretty crazy and off the wall ... but I've seen both Machine Girl and Robogeisha, which were directed by one of the three men behind this film, and Mutant Girls Squad feels just a bit too familiar after experiencing the first two. The second clue is the explicit three-act structure, which each act being helmed by a different director, and each feeling just a little different from the others.

Rin is a social outcast at school, and her classmates take the opportunity to be especially cruel to her on her 16th birthday. She ends up having to visit the school nurse, who identifies Rin as 'Hiruko', a mutant. The nurse attempts to restrain Rin until the authorities arrive, but the younger woman's hand transforms into a claw and she fights her way free. Circumstances conspire to force Rin into a bloody running battle through the streets, in what is probably the film's most entertaining sequence. Just when it seems that she has finally been brought to bay, Rin is rescued by two more Hiruko, who induct her into their secret army to fight the oppression of the humans.

Of course, nothing is quite as black and white as Rin's new friends suggest, and her basically gentle nature doesn't make her an especially enthusiastic warrior to begin with. Who can she trust, in this strange and mixed up world she's entered?

This is a frenetic mix of massively over-the-top gore, juvenile humour, and deliberate gross-outs. See it only if you have a strong stomach for such stuff, and have either already seen (or cannot get a copy of) Machine Girl or Robogeisha.

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