Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Chocky's Challenge (1986)

Like the first two Chocky serials, the third is a pretty slow-paced piece of 80s children's SF. Unlike the others, it's not something I can give even a qualified recommendation. The plot's more or less a rehash of the second one, except the pacing's even wonkier and Chocky is more willing to reveal herself to other humans than the children she's working with.

Original protagonist Matthew takes a back seat in this series, with Albertine becoming the central figure. She's joined by three more of Chocky's proteges, including an extremely Caucasian looking girl from Hong Kong and the world's least convincing American. Allegedly he's a Bostonian but I suspect he's more likely to be from somewhere like Brixton.

Anyway, Albertine's blown through university at the age of 14 and is looking for grant money so she can research cosmic energy - the free, limitless force Chocky came to Earth to share with us. As usual, she has to deal with sceptical adults and an evil government conspiracy. Said conspiracy is frankly so inept that it's only a threat at all because Albertine and Chocky spend so much time carrying the idiot ball.

An inferior entry and a disappointing end to the series.

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