Monday, 6 January 2014

The Cheerleaders (1973)

Once upon a time, all a movie needed to spawn multiple sequels was to feature five or six attractive women who were willing to take their clothes off a lot. Or at least, so I surmise from The Cheerleaders. This is nominally a comedy, if one considers sex farces to be humorous. Every moment of the plot - such as it is - is focused on getting one or more of its female cast out of her clothes.

The titular (pun wholly intended) cheerleaders are the secret of their football team's success: they wear out the opposing teams with marathon sexual antics the night before the match, allowing their own team to easily emerge victorious. Alas, one of them got pregnant from these shenanigans, which leads to virginal Jeannie joining the team. Naturally most of the rest of the film involves the many attempts to relieve her of this allegedly embarrassing condition, with 'comical' results that range from just plain creepy (a sequence where the entire football team chases her through the showers) to almost amusing (a Scooby Doo-esque opening doors sequence).

Anyway, when the day of the big game comes, Jeannie still hasn't managed to get lucky. She gets one last opportunity, and the chance to be a hero, though, when it emerges that one of the opposing side wasn't 'nobbled' and is fully capable of playing.

I shall refrain from off-colour remarks about 'taking one for the team', as that would be descending to the level of the film, and we wouldn't want that! :)

The only possible reason to watch this movie is the nudity. Neither the acting nor the script is good enough to merit your attention. For those with a penchant for 'vintage' erotica only.

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