Friday, 24 January 2014

Cherry 2000 (1987)

In the distant year of 2017 (gasp the futurism!) America has fragmented into enclaves of hugely over-legislated urban enclaves separated by apocalyptic wastelands. In one of the former lives a man and his beautiful, robot wife. Alas, a spot of canoodling in the overflowing soap suds from the sink leads to the sudden demise of Mrs Android. With the country more or less in pieces and industry largely at a standstill there is no one with the know how to fix her, and our intrepid hero's only chance is to hire a tracker who will take him into the wastes to find a replacement model.

I am sure you will not be shocked to learn that the tracker he finds is a woman, and that he's ultimately going to fall in love with her instead of the robot, but if you are shocked, then I apologise for spoiling it. But you probably don't even know what a 'movie' is, in that case, so I think I am safe.

The tracker is played by Melanie Griffith, who had not yet had her breakout role in Working Girl when this was made (though if I recall correctly, Cherry 2000 suddenly got a push on home video after the latter film's success). Frankly Griffith and the other lead are the weaker performers in the film, being constantly upstaged by ... well, by the performances of just about everyone they encounter. They're also upstaged by the set and costume design, which is kind of gleefully messed up.

I found this a fun bit of schlock, myself, and liked it more now than I did when I first saw it nearly a quarter century ago. If wackily absurd post apocalyptic action movies are something you like, then check it out. That's probably something of a niche taste, though.

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