Friday, 17 January 2014

Killjoy 3 (2010)

I was rather surprised by Killjoy 3. It actually appears to be a movie. Not a good movie, you understand, but it's recognisably constructed in the accepted manner of a visual narrative, rather than a disjointed bunch of stuff someone just happened to point a camera at. It also clearly enjoyed a greater budget than the last film: Killjoy's hair doesn't look like it's about to fall off at any moment, the people on screen actually appear to be actors, and the sets don't look like they were dressed with cast-offs from a garage sale.

The film starts with someone summoning Killjoy, who introduces his three new sidekicks. Probably inevitably, one of them is a sexy female clown. However, the man who summoned Killjoy sneaks out on the demon without specifying a target for vengeance. For ... reasons ... this seems to leave Killjoy & Co trapped together in a pocket universe.

We cut to four college students, house-sitting for a professor of theirs (want to guess who the man in the opening scene was?). They find a bag left on the porch, and open it to reveal a strange mirror. Inevitably, one of them tampers with it, and gets drawn into Killjoy's realm. Mentally, that is. His body remains in the real world, which allows the others to 'wake' him, saving him from the demons' attentions. Killjoy's created a link to the place now though, and they soon find they can't leave the house. Fortunately, they seem to have some knowledge of Killjoy and his methods, which - especially once the Professor turns up - prompts them to try and beard the demon in his lair.

How that attempt plays out comprises the last act of the film. This is a far from perfect movie, but it has its moments. The efforts of one character to escape the house were smarter than the average horror movie script normally allows, and there are a couple of genuinely surprising moments. Still, unless you have a passion for bottom of the barrel horror schlock, you can safely skip it.

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