Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Black Hole (1979)

The first Disney movie to not get an 'all audiences' rating is not a success as a work of entertainment. It feels much longer than its 90 minute run time, and not in a good way. This is mostly due to the very talky and static first hour. Oh, the movie tries to enliven itself, with the actors often telling us how dangerous what's happening on screen is, or how weird and creepy, but the film's direction and pacing just lacks any intensity. Even when we get to the last half hour, and the movie breaks out its action sequences, it all feels very stiff and lifeless. Oh look, a row of identical robots standing perfectly still while firing at targets off screen. How exciting.

A few things save the film from utter tedium. The first is the sometimes howlingly stupid dialogue, such as 'Their mission was to find habitable life', and the second is the way it goes utterly bug nuts in the last ten minutes. BUG NUTS. The third is the model of the Cygnus spaceship. It's completely nonsensical, but kind of cool.

They're apparently planning to re-make this film sometime soon. I suspect the new version will have a lot more action, and probably be more entertaining to actually watch. But it won't have a search for habitable life, now will it?

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