Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Starcrash (1978)

Some people don't like Starcrash. These are people who worry about the unimportant aspects of filmmaking. You know, minor stuff like "acting", and "writing", and "sanity". It must be a very sad existence these people lead.

Like many science fiction films of the later 70s, this US/Italian co-production really, really wants to be Star Wars. But whereas other films were willing to limit themselves to ripping off the opening shot and the general space opera feel, Starcrash takes a much more vigorous approach to imitation. We have a protagonist with a sky-themed name. We have a space smuggler. We have a missing prince(ss). We have a "comical" robot sidekick. We have a mentor figure with psychic powers and a light saber (seriously, they don't even try to disguise it). We have an apocalyptic doomsday weapon. We have our heroes engaging in a desperate attack on the enemy space station as the climax of the movie.

We also have some of the most hysterically bad sets and costumes, often be-decked in a garish array of colours. Seriously, at times the only thing more purple than the dialogue is the visuals. The movie also sports two of the most hysterically awful space battles in the history of film. And a giant robotic amazon. With nipples.

Seriously, if you have any kind of appreciation for bad films, you owe it to yourself to see Starcrash.

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