Tuesday, 22 October 2013

About Tags / Labels

This post is just an overview of the tags (or labels, as blogger likes to call them) I will be use here.  If you don't care, you can skip it :)

I'm going to use three types of tags:

Info Tag
The vast majority of posts on this blog will be DVD reviews.  On the rare occasions - like this one - where I need to post something else, the post will have an "Info" tag.  These posts will still relate to the blog, they just won't be actual reviews.

Recommendation Tags
Every review will have one (and only one) of the following three tags:
Recommended: I enjoyed the DVD, and recommend you seek it out and watch it.  Tastes vary, and there is always a chance you won't like something I recommend, but if a review gets this tag - and there won't be many that do - then I think the chances of that are relatively slim, or that the film or show has enough merit that I ought to give it the highest accolade (and for this blog, that's this tag).
Qualified Recommendation: I enjoyed the DVD, or I saw some element or feature of it that makes it worth seeing, but I feel the film's appeal is limited in some way; most often because I think you really need to be a fan of a certain genre or subgenre (such as "zombie films" or "slasher films" to enjoy it).
Not Recommended: There probably are people who will enjoy this film, but I was not one them, and I did not see other merits to recommend it.

Alphabetical Tags
Single letter tags from A-Z.  Every review will have one or more of these tags, based on the first word of the title, ignoring "The", "A" or "An".  So The Snow Creature has an "S" tag, for "Snow".
DVDs with names starting with a number will be tagged based on how the number is spelled as a word; Five Children and It, when I get to it, will be tagged "F".
Where I am aware a film has multiple titles, such as Assignment: Outer Space (a.k.a Space Men), I will use the tag appropriate to each title ("A" and "S" in this case).

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