Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Mission Statement

I love stories, whether they be oral, visual, or textual.  I indulge this love in many ways.  I play roleplaying games; I read lots of books (and have a massive pile still to read) ... and I buy many, many DVDs.  Some because they sound interesting, and some ... well, some because they were cheap.  I find it very hard to walk past a movie for $2.

As a consequence, I own way too many DVDs that I've never actually found the time to watch.

It's the first worldiest of first world problems, I know ... but it's mine, and I need to own it.

So this is my mission statement: to whittle down that darn pile of unwatched DVDs!

I'm going to achieve that mission by taking DVDs down off the shelf every night and watching at least one movie (or two episodes of TV).  And to keep myself honest, I'll then post about them here.

These may be films or shows I've seen before, at the cinema or when broadcast, but I must not have ever watched the DVD copies before.  This means that when I rewatch my Babylon 5 DVDs, for instance, they won't count, but my copy of Voyage of the Dawn Treader is fair game, because I haven't watched the film on DVD yet; just on the big screen.

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