Friday, 25 May 2018

The Big Bang (2010)

Three cops interrogate a private investigator.  The man is blind due to a recent head injury, but they refuse him medical attention until he answers their questions about his current case.  Obviously no love is lost between them.

With much reluctance, and no small amount of hard-to-understand-mumbling, the PI begins to recount his search for an ex-con's female pen pal, which somehow evolves into a case involving thirty million in conflict diamonds and a scientific research project similar to the Large Hadron Collider.

So when you look at the cast of this film, you might be tricked into being hopeful about it.  I mean sure, Antonio Banderas hasn't done anything notable in a long time, and Sienna Guillory was the worst thing in the Resident Evil films that featured her ... but Sam Elliot! Delroy Lindo! Jimmi Simpson!  These are talented people.

Alas, your hopes will be futile.  Although the film dearly wants be a new "Usual Suspects", it doesn't get within shouting distance of that lofty goal.  This is mainly the faulty of the script, which is witless and absurd, and then compounds those flaws by being smug and affectedly intellectual.

Boring and self-important nonsense, the highlight of which seeing former WWE superstar The Kurrgan in a supporting role.

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