Tuesday, 1 May 2018

Dexter, Season 3 (2008)

Dexter Morgan's latest hunt ends in the death of an unexpected party; an event which draws our serial killer protagonist into the social circle of ADA Miguel Prado.  Prado is a charismatic Cuban expat who seems determined to break down the walls Dexter keeps around him - and who drops increasingly more and more broad hints that he's twigged to, and is okay with - Dexter's extra-curricular activities.

Throw in a new serial killer nick-named 'the Skinner', who seems to be looking for someone Dexter's already killed, big changes in Dexter's personal life (always an area in which he feels a bit lost) and you've certainly got a recipe for an interesting time.

My faded recollection of season three of Dexter was that it was pretty average, but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit on the re-watch.  Jimmy Smits is great fun as Prado, the regular cast continue to deliver, and while there are certainly quite a few contrivances in the storyline, they're still of the "it's quite fun to see the jigsaw fit together" variety.  There's one plot issue that's a bit hard to resolve if you think about the chronology of events quite closely, but I suspect a lot of people won't even notice (I don't think I did, the first time through).

If you've enjoyed the first two seasons of Dexter, it's worth seeing this as well.  And again, the season leaves you with a nice ending point if you decide you've had enough after it.

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