Friday, 11 May 2018

All Cheerleaders Die (2013)

When head cheerleader Alexis dies in a training accident, formerly anti-cheerleader film student Maddie (who actually captured the fatal accident on her camera) tries out for the squad.  "Lexi was my friend too" she notes.

Maddie wins her way onto the squad - and into the affections of its new leader Tracy - but she has a secret agenda behind her sudden change of heart.  An agenda that might prove a lot more dangerous to her and her new team-mates than any of them imagine.  Though as it happens, not even death might be enough to stop these cheerleaders from getting some payback ...

All Cheerleaders Die is a somewhat uneven film.  Sometimes this is quite deliberate - it makes frequent use of whiplash-like changes of mood to punctuate events, for instance - but other times it just comes down to a lack of consistent execution.  There are some presumably-meant-to-be-funny moments that aren't, for instance; as well as pacing issues.  Parts of the film drag a bit, while there are other sections where it sprints through plot points rather too fast.  It's also a film with rather nastier violence-against-women themes than its raunchy comedy-horror demeanour first suggests, which may well not be to all tastes.  Said violence is always depicted as bad, but it's fairly confronting in its execution.

If you've got a reasonably strong stomach for the type of content it includes, and an appreciation for black comedy, this film might raise a cheer from you.

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