Thursday, 19 January 2017

Castle, Season 3 (2010)

This third season of Castle mainly delivers more of the same light dramedy crime investigation with outré elements.  This season we've got a dead psychic, some steampunk enthusiasts, and an astrophysicist killed by explosive decompression, just to name a few.  And as usual, this is all set to the tune of Beckett and Castle (in the pic above) bickering with each other in an increasingly futile effort to conceal their growing attraction.

To the show's credit, however, it does do some stuff to evolve its characters, particularly in the supporting cast.  We see a change in the type of subplots being used for Castle's daughter Alexis for instance, as well as romances bloom for Detectives Ryan and Esposito.  And even the main pairing aren't completely stuck in the same holding pattern.  There are pretty major developments regarding Beckett's backstory that lead to a very dramatic season finale, for one thing.

Season Three also introduces the "Triple Killer", who will return to be a thorn in the characters' sides on several further occasions.  I'm not generally a huge fan of the whole "serial killer mastermind" schtick myself, but it is at least another movement away from the show's genial murder of the week format.

With a likable cast, quip-filled dialogue, and fun mysteries, Castle remains entertaining if undemanding viewing.

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