Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Archer, Season 2 (2011)

Narcissistic man-baby Sterling Archer is back for a second season of espionage-themed shenanigans, along with his equally dysfunctional supporting cast, including self-proclaimed sex addict Cyril, possible clone of Hitler Doctor Krieger, and rubber cement sniffer Cheryl.  Not to mention Archer's overbearing and equally self-involved mother, Malory, who of course just happens to be head of the spy agency for which he works.

This season reveals the back-stories of various members of the various characters, such as the WW1 service of Archer's butler Woodhouse and the nature of Cheryl's family.  It also features a two-episode arc where Archer first discovers he has cancer, then goes on a "Chemo Rampage" when he discovers his anti-cancer drugs have been replaced with sugar pills, and another two-parter where Archer travels to the USSR to try and discover who his father might be.

Season two of Archer is as filled with people being awful to each other, anachronistic technology and world-building (is it the modern day?  The 60s?  The 80s?  The answer is: yes, all at the same time), and sly (and not so sly) pop culture references as the first season was.  My favourite such reference in this season was the Magnum PI riff at the end of the aforementioned "Chemo Rampage".  It also remains unabashedly crass and off-colour, but also very smart about how it is crass and off-colour.

If you enjoyed the first season of Archer, it seems almost certain you'll enjoy the second.  I know I did.

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