Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Weeds, Season 2 (2006)

One thing to keep in mind about Weeds is that all the major characters are pretty terrible people.  This doesn't mean that they're unlikable.  Some of them are, of course, but many of them are capable of being quite charming.

It also doesn't mean that they're entirely devoid of positive qualities.  For all her faults, for instance, leading character Nancy Botwin clearly and genuinely loves her children, and is fiercely protective of them both.  On the other hand, she tends to be selfish, deceitful, and recklessly over-confident.  All these qualities (good and bad) will be on show in this season, as she tries to establish a marijuana-growing operation while both continuing to act as a suburban mother to her boys and maintaining a relationship with a Drug Enforcement Agent.

As you might imagine, that's not an easy trio of objectives to handle, even before Nancy has to deal with the feuds breaking out between her friends and family, and the general craziness that tends to break out amongst them.  And given her own failings, her attempts to juggle it all often tend to escalate the situation, rather than defuse.

Weeds remains a darkly humorous and often hugely inappropriate show during season 2.  There's a lot to laugh at here - though you sometimes might feel a bit guilty for doing so - provided you're not easily offended.

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