Thursday, 1 December 2016

Harvest Lake (2016)

So there's a pretty easy way to tell if you're not on the list of people that will watch this film (and I suspect most of you aren't): it concludes with a slimy, oily orgy involving five humans and at least one Lovecraftian horror.

It starts, however, with a young couple make love in the woods near a lake.  Midway through their copulation, they suddenly and inexplicably stop to drink a liquid that's dripping from off-screen.  Then, vacant-eyed, they calmly drown themselves in the lake.

We're then introduced to the main cast of the film.  This is Ben, his girlfriend Cat, Cat's former roommate Jennifer, and Jen's gay friend Josh.  They're all off to stay at a house by the lake for the weekend, as part of Ben's birthday celebrations.

At first everything seems pretty idyllic, with the four friends enjoying a swim and then sunbathing by the lakeside, but it quickly becomes apparent that there is something in the lake, and it desires ... well, desires humans.  People spending time near the lake begin to exhibit stronger and less discerning sexual impulses than normal, and the woods in the area abound with strange, somewhat sexual looking plants that seem to give off powerfully attractive pheromones - presumably that's what ensnared the first couple.

So the question quickly becomes, will the foursome - plus a fifth that they meet at the lake - escape the tentacles of the sexually supercharged shoggoth beneath the waves, or will they fall into its slimy, oily clutches?

Well, given my first paragraph, I've probably already spoiled the answer to that one!

I personally quite enjoyed Harvest Lake.  The acting's a little hit and miss it is true, but it's got a memorable if rather bizarre ending, surprisingly good effects for the obviously low budget, and a few genuinely funny snippets of dialogue before Shub-Niggurath's sexy times.

Still, you should probably only check this out if you're pretty blasé about the whole concept of "Shub-Niggurath's sexy times".

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