Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Grosse Point Blank (1997)

I first saw Grosse Point Blank shortly after it was released, when I rented it from the local video store.  I liked it a lot and later purchased a copy on VHS.  But time and media formats move on, so I now own it on DVD.  And per the rules of this blog, that means I need to watch the film again.  What a hardship :)

Martin Blank is a killer for hire; a profession at which he's very adept.  However, his mantra of "if I show up at your door, chances are you did something to bring me there" seems to be starting to wear a little thin for him, and he's contemplating retirement.  It's a notion that becomes even more attractive when rival hitman Grover approaches him with a "take it or die" offer to join up with a new "union" of professional assassins.

Unfortunately for Blank, he can't quit quite yet: a job goes awry and he's forced to take on an additional contract with the same employer as a "make good" favour.  Said contract takes him back to his childhood home of Grosse Point, and the woman he left without a word on prom night, just as their high school ten year reunion rolls around.  It seems Martin's past and present lives are on a collision course.  The question is, will he survive the experience?

So obviously from my comments above I'm a big fan of this film.  It has a great cast, a fine script with a lot of wonderful deadpan dialogue, and a soundtrack that really scratches my tragically 80s musical tastes.

If you like your humour a bit on the blackly quirky side, Grosse Point Blank should hit the target.

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