Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Burn Notice, Season 2 (2008)

At the end of the first season of Burn Notice, Michael Westen finally made contact with the secretive organisation that "burned" him as a spy.  Westen's agenda is to get the evidence he needs to be reinstated by the CIA.  The organisation's agenda ... well, they're not big on sharing what it is they're up to, but now that Westen's found them they resolve to use him to complete some business for them.  And if he doesn't cooperate, the handler they've assigned (Clara, played by Battlestar Galactica's Tricia Helfer) will ensure that "unfortunate events" befall his friends and family.

And thus the basic thread of this second season is put in place.  Westen tries to get the goods on Clara; Clara uses him for her own obscure purposes; and Westen tries to sabotage those purposes without really knowing what they are or getting caught doing so.  And of course in the meantime he has to keep putting food on the table, which means taking more odd jobs when they pop up.

Naturally all of these goals are often going to be working at cross-purposes and Westen – aided again by his trigger-happy "ex" Fiona, old buddy Sam, and (whether he wants it or not) his mother – must often keep multiple, ready to explode agendas in motion at the same time.

Season 2 of Burn Notice continues to deliver fun characters, neat "heist movie"-style storylines, and an engaging overarching plot that evolves in visible and meaningful ways over the course of its sixteen episodes.  Whether it can keep this up for its entire seven season run is yet to be seen, but it's definitely hitting the mark here.

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