Thursday, 24 March 2016

Future Sport (1998)

I suspect this is what happens when someone desperately wants to make a Rollerball remake but can't get the rights.  Probably because their script is (1) dreadful and (2) insane.  So while I can't actually recommend this movie, on account of the first point, I personally had a fine old time watching the unfolding lunacy due to the second.

In 2025 the hottest game in the world is "Futuresport", a violent affair involving hoverboards, weapons and an electrified ball.  And the game's hottest player is Tre "The Pharaoh" Ramzey: a self-centred dudebro whose grand-standing causes his team to lose the world championship final.

But Ramzey soon has bigger problems than his own lack of teamwork.  Evil Hawaiian separatists want to kill him!

Heh.  Evil Hawaiian separatists.  I'm sorry, I can't type that sentence and keep a straight face.  Hawaii does have several sovereignty movements, but the idea that they would suddenly morph into armed terrorists wreaking havoc on the streets of Los Angeles is about as plausible as ... well about as plausible as Australia and New Zealand being part of an anti-US alliance a mere decade from now, or as plausible as the two opposing power blocs following Tre Ramzey's suggestion to resolve their dispute over Hawaii by having a game of Futuresport.  All of which are things that happen in the film.

Mind you, none of those things are half as implausible as Wesley Snipes's accent.

Delightfully stupid.

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