Thursday, 31 March 2016

Delta Delta Die (2003)

Tobias has a problem.  He's pretty sure one of the sororities at his university is a den of serial killers.  Male students go into the sorority house, and are then never seen again.  He's raised his concerns with the Dean, but the older man either doesn't take them seriously or is outright colluding with the murderers.

In desperation, Tobias turns to Rhonda Cooper.  She is one of the founding members of the sorority and a close personal friend of the current sorority mother: but she is also a woman who parted ways with the organisation many years before.

And in the process we hit one of the (several) narrative flaws with this movie: because while the audience has been told about Rhonda, it was via other characters. We never see anything that explains how Tobias learns about her, or how he tracks her down.

Now to be fair, this is clearly not a film which intends you to take it seriously.  It's unabashedly a black comedy "horror" film in the style of Nightmare Sisters (Rhonda is even played by one of the stars of that film) and at the end of the day what it's really selling is exactly the same thing as the earlier movie: topless ladies.  It does also offer some naked guys too, for those who prefer that, but mostly it's about the bosoms.

Where Delta Delta Die falls down in comparison to the earlier film is the general sense of laziness that pervades it as a production.  Now I'm sure they were working on a comparatively much lower budget - it's a Full Moon production after all, and those are bargain basement - which would limit the sets available the number of takes of each scene they could do.  But there is a definite sense that the writers and director didn't care over much.  Admittedly, it's far from the worst film I've seen in this regard - few things can compare to Invasion of the Pod People for sheer ineptitude - but it's definitely not a production that seems to be trying very hard to be good.

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