Monday, 12 October 2015

The Lego Movie (2014)

Everything is awesome!

Well okay ... not quite everything.  I do think this film flags a little around the 75 minute mark when it decides to have the characters explicitly state the theme that's been underpinning the film's events.  It's a slower, tonally very different scene that saps a lot of the momentum from the movie.  And it has, until this point, been a film that was all about energy and momentum, with an almost non-stop barrage of action and comedy propelling the narrative along.  This is the first scene in the film that is neither funny nor frantic (and many scenes have been both).  It doesn't quite work I think.  The movie is still enjoyable, but it seems half a pace slower from then on.

Emmett is an ordinary construction worker in the bustling city of Bricksburg.  He's a cheerful enough young man, but a bit of a non-entity ... at least until the day he stumbles across the Piece of Resistance, a relic which is prophesied to be recovered by The Special: the most interesting and intelligent person ever to live.

The Special is also prophesied to lead the revolution against the tyranny of Lord Business, bringing freedom back to the many Lands of Lego.  So, you know, no pressure on old Emmett.

This is a fun film, packed with humour and zany antics.  It certainly helps if you have some knowledge of the various licensed Lego properties - characters appear from DC comics, The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars, among others - but it's not necessary.  Really, if you've ever known the joy of playing with Lego - or Minecraft, these days - then you'll find something to identify with here.  The plot's a pretty straightforward "hero's journey" so will be instantly familiar in form, and it's executed well.  The animation is slick, and plays cleverly with the idea that this is a world constructed from Lego bricks.  All in all, it's a fun time.

Be warned though, it's rather ear-wormy.

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