Monday, 5 October 2015

Frozen (2013)

If you don't like Frozen, we can't be friends.  Also, you have my condolences, because it seems you are dead inside.

Frozen is a joy to watch.  In large part that can be ascribed to the protagonist, Anna.  She is cheerful, fun-loving, caring, honest and brave.  She sees the best in everyone and gives the best of herself.  This is not to say she isn't flawed - she'd be much less interesting if she was perfect - as she is also naive and impulsive.

Anna's best friend is her sister, Elsa.  One of Anna's favourite things is to play games using Elsa's magical ability to create snow and ice.  Unfortunately, one night when they are doing so, an accident occurs.  While no permanent harm is done, their parents handle things in pretty much the worst possible way, and ensure that things will go horribly, horribly wrong one day.

This movie is about what happens when that day arrives.

It's also a movie about love - in all its forms - and how powerful it can be.  That it manages to work with this theme and not be cloying and schmaltzy is a tribute to the deftness of the script.  And without spoiling anything - just in case you haven't seen it - I also want to say that it has one of the most perfect climactic moments that I can recall seeing.

Frozen has stolen the hearts of an entire generation of young girls, and it's easy to see why.  It has an excellent female lead, possessed of both initiative and agency, and it presents her in a funny and (ironically, given the title) warm story.  Fantastic stuff.

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