Friday, 2 October 2015

M.I. High - Season 1, Episodes 1-5 (2007)

Mutant guinea pig scientist in nefarious cyberclone Prime Minister scheme!

Your reaction to that sentence will pretty much define whether or not this DVD is of interest to you.  I certainly enjoyed it, and am disappointed to learn that the BBC has never released any of the other 83 episodes on DVD (31 are on UK and NZ Netflix, though).  Now I'm not sure all the episodes have been quite so enthusiastically tongue-in-cheek as these first five.  Certainly a Google image search suggests the show's tone and intended audience may have changed over the years.

Season 1

Season 7

The five episodes here though are each 26 minutes of unrepentantly goofy teen spy-fi action.  Mentored by Red Dwarf's Danny John-Jules, who poses as the school's janitor, the three youngsters swing into action every time some danger threatens UK security.  In addition to the cyberclone caper mentioned above, the high school secret agents face pop zombies and weather machines while trying to juggle the expectations of ... well, high school.

M. I. High - or these five episodes at least - is fun, fast bubblegum TV that for my tastes hits the sweet spot where cleverness and silliness combine.

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