Wednesday, 10 September 2014

The Babysitter (1969)

Given that this is a black and white film from 1969 I expected it to be one of those flicks that tries to sell itself on salacious content, but without actually having any.

As it turns out, I was way off target.  This film enthusiastically embraces salacious content.  In fact, it's pretty much the first black and white sexploitation film I can remember seeing.  We've got nude dancers, multiple sex scenes (one of them lesbian) and I don't remember a female character under 40 who doesn't end up topless at some point.

So at least it wasn't guilty of false advertising when it promised adultery and other naughtiness, but is it any good?

Well, it's not terrible.  It's not good enough that I'd be running around recommending it or anything, but the acting's mostly solid enough, and the script gets its job done, provided that one accepts that its job is titillation.

George Marshall is a successful public prosecutor, about to try the case he things will allow him to rise to higher public office.  Alas, while his career is going well his private life is in the dumps: since a wild night that gave him and his wife an unexpected second child, his marriage has descended into a loveless and distant round of tedious bridge parties and dinners.

But the presence of the baby brings Candy Wilson into his life.  This nubile babysitter makes no secret of the fact that she'd like to show George the affection his wife will not, and while he declines the not so subtle offer, it's obvious he's tempted.

Meanwhile, the girlfriend of the defendant in George's trial is looking for ways to make sure he isn't convicted.  Hearing that the Marshall's first child - a college age woman - is a lesbian, she aims to ingratiate herself and use photos of the this daughter to blackmail George into deliberately losing the case.  Unfortunately for her, while the audience gets an eyeful of the sapphic shenanigans, she doesn't get the shots she wanted.

But then Candy turns up at the house, and both George and the would-be blackmailer get exactly what they wanted.

Will George submit to blackmail?  Will he lose his job and his marriage if he doesn't?  If these are actually questions you care about answering, or if you just want to see lots of naked monochrome bosoms, then this is for you.

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