Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Mommy's Day (1997)

Comedy-horror films often founder on the fact that they figure it's enough to be "a horror movie, but silly!", without first grasping that a lot of horror movies are pretty silly to begin with.  The end up feeling like they're just badly made horror films.  Scream is one of the few to avoid this trap.

I mention this not because this film is a comedy-horror, but because it's a perfect example of the silliness of 'normal' horror films.  It has some wonderfully goofy murders in it, from death by ice skate to killer cassette recorders.  I laughed out loud on several occasions, though I doubt that humour was the intent.

Well, except with the cassette recorder.  There's no way that death scene isn't supposed to get a laugh.

Anyway, this film is a sequel to Mommy, which I reviewed a couple of days ago, and they got almost the entire cast from the original back for this.  Even someone whose character died in the first one gets another go 'round here.  We begin with the pending execution of the murderous mommy: an execution she manages to forestall via what is merely the first of the film's many silly moments.

A year later, mommy is released from jail under an experimental program: she has a device implanted in her which regularly doses her with chemical suppressants that mean she can't commit homicidal acts.  Sure, sounds legit.

Mommy has to stay in a halfway house of course, and she's not allowed to see her daughter due to a restraining order.  We can be sure she'll abide by that, right?  (No, of course we can't).

Not long after mommy gets out of prison, people who upset her start turning up dead.  Is she back to her murderous ways?  Or is someone trying to set her up for their own purposes.  The answer is fittingly goofy.

I honestly can't call this a good film, or recommend it to others, but I had a ball watching it.  I found it just nutty enough to be fun.  That makes four out of four films I've enjoyed from this movie pack, if we include the one I watched before starting this blog (White Zombie).  Even if all the other six are terrible, that's a pretty good hit rate for one of these budget packs.

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