Saturday, 6 September 2014

Carnival of Crime (1962)

If the title of this film conjures images of larcenous clowns and acrobat bank robbers, well you're going to be as disappointed as I was by this stultifyingly boring film.

The carnival in question is the Rio carnival.  Which honestly could be the setting for a pretty awesome heist film, all things considered.  But this is not that film.  Instead, this is a film about an overworked architect whose wife disappears.  As he investigates, he discovers her many acts of unfaithfulness, and becomes the chief suspect for the very crime he's trying to solve.

And written down in short form like that, the plot sounds like it might actually be tolerably entertaining.  Trust me, it's not.  The only moments of the film where I felt engaged were during a 10-minute segment in which a pair of (presumably American) agents attempt to capture a revolutionary.  It's not that the segment is well written or acted - it's not - it's just that I kept trying to figure out how it related to the main plot and when the two would tie together.  The answer: it isn't and they don't.  After the agents encounter the revolutionary, they are never referenced again.  It's like ten minutes of another film just suddenly appeared in this one and refused to leave.

If you need an insomnia cure, boy do I have a movie for you.  Otherwise, stay well away.

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