Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005)

Edward Furlong's career got off to a flying start with Terminator 2 back in 1991, and had a brief resurgence in 1998 after American History X, but personal issues with substance abuse and other legal issues, including domestic violence charges, have seen his more recent roles being in projects like Arachnoquake.  Which to be fair, sounds like exactly the sort of thing I would watch.

Emblematic of his deteriorating career is this, the fourth and thus far final Crow film.  Furlong plays Jimmy, a young man who frankly seems quite the loser but has somehow managed to win the heart of Lilly, the local minister's beautiful daughter.  This relationship amuses me more than it should because Jimmy and Lilly were the name of a former flatmate's dogs.

Alas for the happy young couple, they're about to have a visit from Luc, an old friend turned Satanic cultist.  Luc murders Jimmy and Lilly as part of his plan to become Satan incarnate.  Jimmy, of course, comes back as the Crow, bad-ass undead avenger.  Though frankly Furlong looks rather silly in the gothic make-up.

Anyway, Jimmy hunts for Luc and Luc's gang of thugs, picking them off one by one, but not quickly enough to stop Luc taking on the power of Satan.  Now two supernatural beings will face off in a climactic battle of ... well frankly, of fairly humdrum proportions.  The people behind this film simply don't have the necessary skill or resources to make a one on one fight between two guys very interesting.

This one is memorable only for a goofily over the top cameo from Dennis Hopper, slumming in this film for reasons that entirely escape me.

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