Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Nabonga (1944)

The very first review I posted on this blog was White Pongo, an ultra-cheap 1945 gorilla movie filled with stock footage and horrendous racism.  This movie is like that film, with a bigger budget and less bigotry.  The one African character in this is actually a pretty sympathetic portrayal, for the time.

A thief absconds to Africa with his daughter and a box of jewels, but their plane crashes in the jungle.  Because this is a movie, the daughter immediately befriends a gorilla.

We cut to a decade or so later, when Buster 'Flash Gordon' Crabbe mounts an expedition in search of the missing jewels.  It seems his father was accused of complicity in the crime, and he intends to prove his father's innocence by returning the gems.  Because 'I just happen to have recovered the jewels my father didn't help steal.' is a convincing statement.

Surprise surprise, his interest in venturing into uncharted territory - and the fact that he's a bit of an idiot and tells people that he's looking for the mines of King Solomon - mean that his expedition draws the attention of Unscrupulous Persons.

Meanwhile, of course, the daughter has grown up into a 'beautiful' young women in a leopard skin dress.  Her father vanished sometime after arriving in the jungle, and she has only the gorilla and her gems for company.

This all leads to shenanigans aplenty, as you might imagine.  Though they aren't all that interesting.  And then the movie stops.  It doesn't really actually end per se.  Just stops.

Whether under this (never explained) title, or the alternative one of Jungle Woman, this film isn't worth your time.

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