Saturday, 15 February 2014

David and Goliath (1960)

I bought this DVD from Amazon Marketplace back in 2005, while I was living in Boston. It's being able to say things like 'I bought this in 2005 and still haven't watched it' that prompted this reviewing malarkey.

My motivations for purchasing the DVD were simple: first, it was very cheap. Second, it featured Orson Welles as King Saul, which I thought might be interesting to see.

Mostly, it wasn't. The actor playing Goliath was a pretty impressive fellow, but other than that this was memorable mostly for David not being a very likeable chap. His 'great wisdom' is demonstrated in the film by his ability to find loopholes in the wording of contracts, while he quickly forgets the girlfriend he had at home when faced with a beautiful princess. Of course, the biblical David had eight wives, so I guess we should be happy this guy is only two-timing.

Anyway, the plot of the film just kind of meanders through a simplified and considerably re-ordered version of the earlier chapters of David's old testament adventures, a re-ordering that I am sure was undertaken to move the fight with Goliath to the end of the film. Sadly, the fight itself is not worthy of the time taken to get to it.

Not much to recommend this one, but at least the version I saw was only 90 minutes; if IMDB is to be believed the original release was 20 minutes longer.

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