Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Battle Beneath the Earth (1967)

I loved this movie far more than it deserves.

In 1960s Vegas (and boy do we get a lot of footage of the strip in a desperate attempt to disguise the fact that this was filmed in the UK), a crazy man is ranting that 'they're down there, like ants!' while pressing his ear to the ground. So naturally the cops arrest him and pack him off to a sanitarium.

However, crazy guy has friends in the military, and he persuades one of them to come see him, where he expounds a theory that enemy forces are digging their way beneath the United States in preparation for a sneak attack. The friend doesn't buy it ... at least until strange seismic events start happening in exactly the places crazy guy said they would.

It's investigating time! And sure enough, rogue Chinese elements are burrowing under the US with a plan to stick nukes ... well, everywhere. So begins a subterranean war, and more deliriously crazy antics than you can shake a stick at. Seriously, this is a movie where the vital tool for jury-rigging a nuclear bomb is a freaking Allen key.

Utterly insane cold war wackiness. Check it out if you think Roger Moore's Bond movies should have been goofier.

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