Thursday, 20 February 2014

America 3000 (1986)

This is the greatest post apocalyptic SF film ever to be written by a man who also wrote a Sylvester Stallone arm-wrestling movie.

Which sounds like faint praise, but I honestly like this movie - probably far more than it deserves. It's so very, very eighties. Massive hair, massive hair rock, references to commies and Reagan, and a 7 foot tall ape man with a boombox. Oh and of course the 'war between the sexes' is front and centre. It's translated quite literally here, with the relatively civilised and organised Frells (women) against the brutish Plutogs (men). However, the status quo is about to change when young Plutog Korvis stumbles across an ABC book and begins to educate himself and his friends.

Oh, and then he finds an ancient US bunker, stocked with all sorts of technology and weapons.

Fortunately for everyone, Korvis is an idealist, who wants to find a peaceful way forward, in cooperation with the Frells, rather than unleashing the grenades and automatic rifles he's found. Or as he puts it 'Neggy more machos, neggy more toys, neggy more seeders' - which are the three categories of Plutog slaves the Frells keep.

Of course, not everyone is as keen on the idea of detente as Korvis, and there will be a spanner or three thrown into the works of Korvis's plan before all is said and done. There's even a surprisingly well-executed battle scene at one point.

It's all very goofy and silly, and makes no pretense to be anything else. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

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