Friday, 15 June 2018

Spectre (2006)

A man in his 60s returns to the village where he grew up.  He's drawn there by the mysterious delivery of a tarot card, which reminds him of the woman with whom he had an affair while he was in his late teens.  That he bears some emotional scars from that time is pretty evident: just how deep they are, and how they came about, is the subject matter of this film.

Spectre is not what you'd call an "in your face" kind of horror film, and in fact it is probably at its worst when it goes most directly for traditional "scary movie" tropes.  A bath overflowing with blood is honestly not something that still generates much in the way of chills for me.  The more understated moments of the film tend to work much better, particularly as they relate to purely human horror, rather than to any supernatural aspect.

Overall, I found Spectre a relatively watchable film in a low-key way, though I do feel it lacks a sympathetic lead.  Our protagonist is a callow youth, somewhat misogynistic youth, and his older self is so bound up by the events of the past that we don't see much difference in him.  There are also some (possibly unintended) thematic elements that I found a bit off-putting.

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