Tuesday, 5 June 2018

Archer, Season 6 (2015)

After their spectacularly unsuccessful efforts to be international drug dealers, Sterling Archer and his colleagues are back in the spy game, this time as freelance contractors to the CIA.  Which generally means that they get the missions the CIA either doesn't really want, or can't complete without some particular resource they possess.

In the midst of dealing with assassins, aliens, stuck elevators and Welsh separatists, Archer must also confront the most terrifying thing imaginable (with the possible exception of his mother): being a father.

I enjoyed this series of Archer, though I do feel that the show's formula is starting to wear a little thin.  The Fantastic Voyage pastiche this season is not a patch on the Moonraker knock off from season 3, for instance, and the peccadilloes of the characters are becoming more and more extreme in order to retain their edge.  It's likely, given the change of focus last season, and the fact that it seems seasons 7 through 9 have also gone in different directions, that the show's creators agree.

Still, if you like your humour deeply inappropriate and enjoy seeing horrible people frequently being hoist by their own petards (and much less frequently, actually managing to be not-horrible for a few seconds), then Archer still has you covered.

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