Saturday, 28 October 2017

The Girl With All The Gifts (2016)

Every morning, the soldiers come to Melanie's cell-like room.  One of them covers her with a rifle while the other straps her into a wheelchair, binding her feet, hands and head so that she can't move any of them.  Then they wheel her to her lessons.  On good days, Ms Justineau will be there to teach the class.  She's the only grown-up who doesn't treat the children like rabid animals, and Melanie idolises her.

Of course, there are very good reasons most of the adults treat the kids the way they do, and before too much of the film elapses, Melanie will get a first hand demonstration of them.

So I doubt I am spoiling anything much by mentioning that this is a zombie film.  Even if you hadn't guessed something of the fact from my first paragraph, the quote in the DVD cover image above drops that spoiler on you.

You shouldn't believe everything in that quote, though, because The Girl With All the Gifts is actually a much better film than 28 Days Later.  The nature of the zombie menace is more interesting, and we have a much more interesting group of characters through which to experience it.  All the main players have their good and bad points, and when they act - for good or for ill - they do so for sound and solid reasons.  There's no need for handwaves like "oh well Chris Ecclestone's character is just a nutter" here.

If you're at all into zombie movies, put this on your list.

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