Thursday, 26 October 2017

The Day (2011)

A man scavenges through an abandoned suburb, looking for food.  As he does so, unseen assailants abduct his wife and child.

Some time later, the same man walks along an isolated road with four others.  The colour in the film has now been desaturated to the point of almost-but-not-quite black and white.  The five travellers are nervous about "Them" being in the area, but with a storm approaching and one of their number already ill, they decide to take shelter in an isolated farm house.

Of course, a building can be a prison as easily as a protection, and if "They" come, then the quintet will find themselves under siege.

So far, so Night of the Living Dead, and I know of at least one person who turned the film off right about here on the assumption it was just another Romero rip-off.

But I'm pleased to say that unlike some of the other films I've reviewed this month, The Day actually has a few surprises to spring on the audience.  It also has conspicuously better fight choreography than is the norm for lower budget offerings, with most of the action feeling very convincing and visceral.  There are a few times where the CGI gore is somewhat unconvincing, but when characters swing weapons in this, it genuinely feels like they are trying to land a blow on an enemy.

I'm not going to spoil the wrinkles that The Day has to offer, because I think the film profits from having you discover them as you watch.  But if you've ever enjoyed a zombie film, I think this movie is worth adding to your list of things to see.

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