Tuesday, 22 August 2017

Archer, Season 4 (2013)

When I reviewed season three of Archer I spent most of my word count talking about the show's commitment to internal consistency, despite the deliberately anachronistic setting it has adopted.  That's because there comes a point with most shows where it's difficult to find much to say beyond "hey, if you liked the previous seasons, you'll probably like this too".  Well, unless said show goes off the rails in some way.

Archer season four does not go off the rails, however, so it's very much in the "if you liked it before, you should still like it now" camp.  It continues with the basic formula of over the top spy show spoofery we've had up until now, as when the staff of ISIS have to protect the Albanian ambassador while he's at a restaurant ... while said restaurant is being broadcast on a Gordon Ramsey-esque reality TV show.  Or there's the mission where Archer is bitten by a snake and has his own Heaven Can Wait experience as he lies near death.  Of course, unlike Warren Beatty, Archer doesn't learn anything from the experience.

This season also features some pseudo-crossovers with Bob's Burgers and SeaLab 2021; I say pseudo since characters and settings from those other shows appear (re-animated in the Archer style), but there's never an explicit acknowledgement of the other show.

Anyway, the short and the long of it is indeed that if you liked the show before now, it's well worth watching this season as well.

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