Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Robot Chicken, Season 3 (2007)

That the film 300 came out either shortly before or during the writing of season three of Robot Chicken is immediately apparent, as the show milks the film for several sketches, including one of the highlights of the season.

This will only make sense if you've seen the film, of course.  But if you have, it's about 100x more entertaining than the movie.

Other highlights for this year include a parody of Misery with the characters from Peanuts, Sir Mix-A-Lot helping out King Arthur, celebrities as alien lizard people, and Bob the Builder meets The Sopranos.  And if all that sounds pretty wild and random and bizarre ... well, that's kind of the show's stock in trade.  Their final sketch every year does involve the show getting "cancelled", after all (this year, it was for murdering half of their production team).

Now obviously that sort of craziness is not going to be to everyone's taste.  And to be honest I do think that overall this season is the show's weakest so far.  There are some very funny, very clever moments like the ones mentioned above, but I felt the quality was somewhat uneven as a whole, and had an unfortunate habit of drifting into slut-shaming at times.

Still, if wacky pop-culture-soaked shenanigans sound like your thing, the show definitely still has some shining examples of the form.

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