Friday, 30 September 2016

X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014)

It is the early 2020s, and a war is being waged between Homo Sapiens and mutant-kind.  It's a conflict that is leading to "the worst" of humanity coming to lead the anti-mutant side, and one that the mutants and the humans that support them are inexorably losing.  The principle reason for this is the Sentinels: an army of highly advanced robots capable of adapting to counter any mutant's powers.

The few remaining mutants hatch a desperate plan.  They will project the consciousness of one of them back in time fifty years, and attempt to prevent the event which led to the creation of the Sentinel program.  This event was the assassination of a mutant-hating industrialist named Trask.  His killer was Mystique, a mutant shapechanger.  She was captured after the murder and her metamorphic powers are the key to the Sentinels' adaptive capability.

The only mutant who can survive the journey into the past is Wolverine.  Once in 1973, he must find rival mutant leaders Magneto and Professor Xavier, and get the two to work together to prevent Trask's murder.

All of the above might sound a little hard to follow if you're not intimately familiar with the X-Men franchise, but it's not too bad in practice.  You might be a bit lost if you go in completely blind, but a casual awareness of the characters is probably sufficient.  Certainly I saw it in the cinema with my mother, and on DVD with my far-from-comics-savvy girlfriend, and they both followed along fine.

Containing some great action set pieces and a breakout new character in the form of a speedster named Peter, this is a fun superhero adventure.  If you like the spandex genre, check it out.

One thing to note: this version of the DVD comes with two versions of the film.  The theatrical release and a longer "Rogue Cut", which includes a subplot that was cut from the version shown in cinemas.  Chalk me up as thinking this is a case where less is more, and they were right to cut the subplot.  The theatrical release is a tighter film.

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