Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Deadpool (2016)

I saw Deadpool in the cinema.  On Valentine's Day, with my then-new girlfriend (wonder of wonders, she's stuck around).  We both really enjoyed it, laughing a lot at the antics on screen, and when I saw the chance to pick up the DVD cheaply, well, it wasn't a hard decision to plonk down the cash.

Now I have to say that the film isn't quite as effective on a repeat viewing.  Deadpool is an astonishingly - and quite deliberately - crass and irreverent film and a huge amount of its impact comes the "I can't believe they just went there!" factor.   You lose that on the re-watch because you're fully aware of what line(s) it's about to cross.

None of which is to say that I didn't enjoy the film a second time around, or regret buying the DVD.  I still enjoyed it a lot and hope for good things from the sequel.  Just something that really stuck out to me.

As you can probably guess, the "qualified" part of my recommendation comes from the film's penchant for crossing lines.  Though "crossing" might not be a strong enough word.  Deadpool is the kind of film where you need to start drawing new lines because it's blown so far past the old ones.  If you're at all sensitive to puerile humour, bad language, or violent or sexual content, this is not the film for you.  There's a reason the film's parental guide on IMDB is about three screens long.

So what's the film about, other than profanity, fart jokes, and murderising a whole bunch of people?  Well basically it tells the tale of one Wade Wilson, a hired thug who is diagnosed with advanced stage cancer.  Staring a death sentence in the face, and desperate not to be taken from the woman he loves, Wilson signs up for a black market "treatment" program, which saves his life and grants him superhuman healing capability, but leaves him seriously scarred all over his body.  Believing that the man behind the experiment is the only one who can make him look "human" again, Wilson sets out a bloody quest to find him.

If you're not easily offended, Deadpool is a fun time.

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