Monday, 29 August 2016

The Baby's Room (2006)

A young couple purchase their dream house, move in with their infant son and begin to renovate it.  Everything seems perfect ... until they start to hear strange things on the baby monitor, including what seems to be a man's voice.

Fearing a prowler or burglar, they purchase a more sophisticated security system, and also a more advanced baby monitor.  This one features infrared video as well as audio, allowing them to literally keep an eye on their child.  And if you think either of these efforts are going to be very successful, then I can only assume you're not too familiar with the concept of a horror movie!

The ongoing phenomena provoke the husband to what, to his wife, appears to be dangerous and erratic behaviour.  She takes the kid and leaves the house for a while.

Now alone and starting to believe something more than a simple prowler is at work, the husband steps up his efforts to discover what is amiss.  He buys dozens of the infrared baby cameras and sets them up all over the place.  Is he right in his growing suspicions of a supernatural menace, or are the things he sees on the screens merely the result of the pressures of being a new father?

Well to be honest this Spanish film includes a prologue scene that rather tips off the answer to that last question, but this remains a pretty effective little horror movie with a nicely creepy atmosphere.  If you like 'haunting' type films and don't mind reading subtitles, it's worth checking out.

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