Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Cleopatra 2525 (2000)

I don't even need to write a review today.  There's a simple 60 second test you can take to work out whether or not you'll like this show.

Just play this video

Now chances are that if you watched the above clip, you had one of two reactions: either "that looks stupid!" or "that looks stupid ... and awesome!".  Whichever one it was, you should act accordingly.

And that's that.  My job's done for the --- what?  You didn't watch the video / don't fall into one of those two groups / want me to stop slacking off and actually write something?  Well ... fine.

So the premise is that by the year 2525 humanity has been driven off the surface of the Earth by robots known as "Baileys".  The survivors live underground, in tunnels and shafts that span the globe.

In this dystopian future a shadowy figure known as Voice coordinates various teams in a campaign to seize the surface back from the Baileys.  One of her teams consists of Hel (played by Firefly's Gina Torres) and Sarge.  In the course of fighting a Betrayer - which is pretty much a low budget version of the bad guy from Terminator 3 - they stumble across a young woman who has been frozen in suspended animation since 2001.

This is Cleo, who'll become the designated "character who needs everything explained to them so we can deliver exposition to the audience", and the third member of their team.  Together, they'll face all the dangers of this strange future: the Baileys and Betrayers of course, but also a rogue psychic, mutants, criminals, and the odd psychotic clown.

I'm not kidding about the psychotic clown thing.

It's all very silly, schlocky nonsense, very much in the tone of the more goofy Xena episodes (not surprising, since it is by the same production company).

Personally, I like it a lot.

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