Thursday, 30 June 2016

The Sarah Jane Adventures, Season 4 (2010)

The Sarah Jane Adventures has always delivered fun, family-oriented science fiction adventures, but I think this might overall be the show's strongest season.

It's blessedly free of any Slitheen storylines, for one thing.  I understand that kids love fart jokes, but they do get a bit on the nose after a while.  bdum-tish!

Opportunities for me to make bad puns aside, this genuinely is a strong season.  I think the opening story is a little weak, but the other five are all good fun, with two in particular being personal favourites of mine.  The first of these is "Death of the Doctor" (guest-starring the Matt Smith version of the Time Lord) which I enjoy for its mad-cap fun and unusually sympathetic antagonists.  The second is "Empty Planet", which wins points for focusing heavily on the characters of Clyde and Rani.  The self-admitted "hangers on" of the team are a fun pair, and they work really well together.

Ultimately of course this is season 4 of the show and you've probably decided from the previous reviews whether this is something for you or not.  But if you're still on the fence, then I suggest checking out one of the two stories I've called out above, before you make a decision.  Go with the former if you're a fan of modern Doctor Who, and the latter if you're not.

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