Thursday, 16 June 2016

Hanna (2011)

Somewhere in the Arctic a man raises his daughter, Hanna, to be a lethal killing machine.  Her mission: to kill the woman who murdered her mother.  This film, of course, covers what happens when Hanna sets out to complete her task.

Hanna sports a very strong cast and some good action sequences, but for my money it doesn't quite work as a film.  Some part of this failure I lay at the feet of the soundtrack, which I found intrusive and irritating.  And some I ascribe to the direction of certain scenes: in particular there's a sequence where Hanna is escaping from an underground rave that comes across more like some kind of rave music video than anything else.

But most of all, the failure is with the script.  The pacing is wonky, and the repeated fairy tale motif has been jammed in without any subtlety or nuance.  Oh hey, let's have the villain emerge from a tunnel entrance shaped like a wolf's mouth.  Yeah, we get it.  She's the evil queen, the big bad wolf, the thing that goes bump in the night.  Maybe you could work a little harder at actually integrating this into your story rather than simply having a bunch of scenes where people reference Grimm's Fairy Tales?

Good performances can't save this one from mediocrity, I'm afraid.

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