Monday, 30 November 2015

Tinker Bell and the Pirate Fairy (2014)

Pirate Fairy.

Those are the two words that first made me pay attention to the Tinker Bell series of films, and if they don't make you say "Tell me more", then you might want to check yourself for a pulse, because you're dead inside.

Zarina is "the Tinker Bell of dust keeper fairies": inquisitive and adventurous, determined to follow her dreams whatever anyone else says.  But when you work with pixie dust, the magical force that drives the entire fairy kingdom, well ... the potential for mishaps is pretty frightening.

I'm sure you know what happens next.  Zarina causes quite the mishap indeed.  She's banned from working with pixie dust as a consequence, and leaves Pixie Hollow, taking her own secret supply with her as she does so.

A year later Zarina returns, as Captain of a pirate vessel, to steal the blue pixie dust that keeps the kingdom running.  When Tinker Bell and friends try to stop her, she blasts them with a veritable rainbow of pixie dust, causing all their powers to switch over.  Can Tink and Co adjust to their new abilities fast enough to retrieve the blue pixie dust?  What will happen to Zarina if they do?

With four previous films under their belt at this point, the Tinker Bell crew have really honed their formula: this is a fast, fun, family adventure film with a generous mix of humour, action and adorbs.

All the adorbs.

Clearly the target audience for this is young girls, but if you don't laugh out loud at least once while watching this, then you might want to check yourself for a pulse, because -- oh wait, I already did that gag earlier in this review.

Good stuff.

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