Monday, 16 November 2015

Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue (2010)

It is the beginning of summer, and the fairies are on the mainland to ensure the change of the seasons proceeds smoothly.  Thanks to Tinker Bell's efforts in the first film, Tinker fairies are among their number.  No word on whether they still have to use separate water fountains in parks though.


Pretty much the first thing Tink gets told on arrival is "stay away from humans", so even if the film's introduction hadn't already given away that this is the story of how humans and fairies met, I bet you'd be able to guess what happens next.

The sound of an approaching car sends the fairies running for cover.  All except Tinker Bell, of course, who is fascinated with how this strange machine works and flies closer to investigate.  Another fairy (Vidia) who kind of filled the 'mean girl' role in the first film, follows her and attempts to get Tink to come back and leave the humans alone.

Vidia's efforts are of course in vain, and through a series of misunderstandings, coincidences and accidents, Tinker Bell ends up trapped inside a bird cage in a human girl's bedroom.

The film has twin narratives from this point onward: one focusing on the rescue party Vidia organises to free Tink, and the other on Tinker Bell's interactions with the humans, especially Lizzy, the girl who found her.

This film doesn't feel quite up to the standards of the first two Tinker Bell movies - the ending is a little too pat and obvious, for one thing - but it is still a pleasant and breezy tale that manages to include some fun sequences involving Tinker fairy gadgets, and a nifty chase sequence or two.

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